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When Jim Laue asserted this connection 25 years ago, most of the field of conflict resolution viewed him as something of a radical, a title he proudly wore. At the same time, when he asserted that conflict resolution was an honorable profession, many in the field of social justice viewed him with suspicion, as something of a moderate accommodator, a title he firmly rejected. He knew that he was a conflict resolver, and a sociologist, and an advocate for social justice, and not neutral on issues of human dignity.

If he could be all of these, so could the fields in which he lived and practiced. Today, the idea that peace and justice are one field, one idea, one practice, indeed one goal, is no longer such a radical idea. Many practitioners from each side recognize the kinship with the other. The mainline organizations in conflict resolution are approaching this same issue from other side. Conferences of mainline organizations such as Society for Professional in Dispute Resolution SPIDR no longer focus exclusively on "settlement," or "management" of conflict.

Conferences are no longer dominated by workshops on strategies to increase billing rates. In the last five years, SPIDR members have struggled to integrate ideas about "transformative mediation" which insist that conflict intervenors have ethical responsibilities promote changes which transcend immediate disputes. The SPIDR conference features a team of radical psychologists as keynote speakers who advocate intense confrontation and conflict as the path the path to personal and social change.

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Nonetheless, if Laue's ideas are no longer heretical, they are not exactly orthodox dogma either. Many in each field still practice in arenas, which make them suspicious of, if not hostile to the other.

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Jim would likely say that we still need more "demonstration projects" to help people see how the two fields can and should work together. In his life, Jim Laue had the good fortune to find work which brought these two ideals closer together. Working for the US Department of Justice in the s, he created communication channels and even conflict resolution between advocates for change in the civil rights movement and defenders of the status quo in the deep South. In practice, he often intentionally chose to work on public issues in which significant differences in power, knowledge, race, religion, or class permeated the conflicts.

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Repeatedly throughout his career, he saw ordinary people develop extraordinary resolutions to tough conflicts, which reaffirmed his faith in people's ability to do so, and in his own ability to help them. India has a rich and powerful cultural tradition, we have the largest reservoir of trained man power, with our immense natural resources and advance defense capabilities, we have the potential to be a major player in emerging global society.

For this we need to bring changes right from the grass rout level, economic reforms are needed to put more emphasis on the indigenous development and less in bringing foreign investment into the country, the focus of foreign policy should be to push lower class people up to middle class. High efforts are needed to bring back black money back to the nation, we also need to make sure that more money is not channeled out of the nation into deep vaults of Swiss bank.

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Humans have a long infancy. Also, because people have different needs, an equal initial distribution may not result in an equal outcome. Educators Consider a low-cost BI-based custom text. School approaches of urban geography. A free, open, online seminar exploring new approaches for addressing difficult and intractable conflicts. Munroe , C. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 96 1 : —

Banking should be more converge toward online payment instead of cash. If online transactions become inevitable then the use of each rupee can be clearly monitored and tracked. This will break the shackles of corruption into pieces.

Justice Versus Fairness

Social justice means to abolish social inequalities and to provide equal opportunities to everybody in social. The term social justice implies several sound and eminently desirable concepts enunciated for the good of society in general, and of course it covers fair play for .

As politicians are the policy makers, extra emphasis should be put on making sure only the right people reach the Parliament. Any politician having a criminal record or under corruption charges should not be allowed to participate in any form of elections. Elections are the soul of any democracy and therefore it is very important to make sure that election are based on public choice instead of money and power.

In this world communication is a very powerful tool to spread mass awareness and we need to make sure that it remains independent without any political influence, therefore the media sector must be reconstruct in a way that all news channel must not maintain any financial relations with any political party so that they can report the news as it without having any conflict of interest. National security is a very important issue, we live in a very dangerous world filled with hostile nations and terrorists. Hence it is very important to secure our borders and take action against those who try to create chaos.

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We need to maintain good and defined relationship with our neighbor based on the foundation of trust and verification. Strong armed forces are needed to maintain peace by neutralize both foreign and domestic enemies.

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The biggest problem faced by India since independence is corruption, slow justice system and faulty investigation have provided a sense of security to those who try to break the law. To make justice system fast and fair special fast track courts should be created for those facing corruption charges. Education is very powerful tool to bring about any change in the society, the prime goal of education system should be to provide students with as much information as possible and let them develop their own conclusion.

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Studying to get a job is a common practice, this is wrong, education system should be design in a way where students should study to learn and innovate and not simply to get a job. Education should not be just about following a particular interest, it should be making the next generation aware about the problem like population explosion, tax evasion, corruption etc. These are the major problem that our nation will be facing in the future. The next century will be dominated by technology, every aspect of our life will be someway affected by technology.

Hence it is necessary to train young minds in creating future technologies so that they can lead nation to the next century. I do not think that my vision of India is too idealistic or too unrealistic. We are a nation of diversity where people speak different languages, follow different religion, eat different food and wear different clothes, and therefore to maintain equality among such a diversity is extremely important and challenging.

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The road ahead is arduous but full of promises. A democracy where no one needs to be afraid of other. A democracy where there is justice and equality for all.