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If you pass the exam with the help of my outlines, please pass on the kindness and do some pro bono work. During or after each class, I'd reduce my notes to outline form. Each day, I'd practice memorizing the outlines, and do practice questions.

I strongly recommend that you take a bar-review course, create your own outlines, and do as many practice questions as possible, with at least half under timed conditions. It is also very important to have a strategy to manage stress, which can be considerable.

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Make it a game. Start studying the actual test, now! Information regarding deadlines, topics covered on the California Bar Exam, and other helpful resources are provided. Make sure bar you begin online the essays and answers soon. I have worked with thousands of students preparing for the bar, many of whom were repeat bar exam takers. It is a bad feeling to spend months memorizing outlines and then open an essay exam and not be certain as to what issues are presented or how to organize your answer.

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By focusing on what you NEED to know for the California bar exam, Lean Sheets allow you to spend more time on MBE questions and essay writing, and less. CA Bar Exam Essays Questions and sample answers ( current) UC Hastings Bar Exam Subject Outlines (via Stanford Law School).

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Second and Third Years. When it comes to passing the bar exam, writing concisely is second only to knowing the law and applying it.

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Great tips. I agree with Ms. The thing that law students should understand about the bar exam is that it is a minimum proficiency test.

5 Things I Did Differently the Second Time to Pass the Bar Exam

A law professor at my school created his own bar exam outline, and it was all of 18 double-spaced pages long. Did you just write you only prepped for a total of 7 days? Or did you mean you only used the minimalist outlines for the last 7 days? When I took the bar exam NC , I found it helpful to put the time on each question as you go along.

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So if the test started at am, I would put am on the fact pattern, when I went to question two, I would put e. So if I was shooting for 30 minutes a question, I could just look at the clock. When it is am, I have to stop. That Twitter tip is really great since using twitter would train you to say everything you can say in just limited characters.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to not have a conversation with yourself while typing out an essay?

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5 Things to do to pass the California Bar Exam

Join Lawyerist Insider Back to login. Enter Password Confirm Password. United States Canada Other. Pick one. I don't work at a law firm. By Mary Campbell Gallagher on June 19th, Here is how to write the bar exam essays faster. Write down what time you will start each essay and what time you will finish. Most state bar exams allow you 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes for each essay. Find out how much time your state allows. Always be conscious of time.