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Stockholm Mathematics Centre Prizes for Excellent Doctoral Dissertation and Master Theses 2018/12222

At least 7 weeks before the Oral Defence Review the program guidelines — The student and supervisor s are to ensure that all courses and milestones have been completed. Select a time, date, and location — The student and the supervisor will select a time, date, and book a location for the defence that is amendable to the schedules of the committee members and EE. The supervisor books the room, confirms audio-visual if required for the oral defence, and CC the Graduate Coordinator. It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure all electronic equipment is functioning properly prior to the defence and have a back-up plan should the connection fail.

Each unit has a budget to reimburse the EE for their travel expenses. Please contact the unit finance officer for more details. This individual must provide a report should there be technical difficulties at least 10 days before the defence. Delegates are no longer accepted. The supervisor is to inform the candidate of any major criticism of the thesis from the EE, but the EE report is not to be shown to the candidate.

Committee Member unable to attend in person — If there is a committee member that is unable to attend in person, but is still participating electronically, then they must also send a report to MGO. Day of defence Prepare the room for the defence — The student should arrive in their defence room mins before their scheduled defence to ensure that all the equipment they need is functional. After the defence Defence results — MGO will email the defence result to the students, the supervisor s , and the Graduate Coordinator.

Student makes the necessary change to their thesis — Ideally, the student will complete any changes to their thesis within a month after their defence. Some results on joint ergodicity, sets of recurrence and substitution and tiling systems. Ramsey algebras and Ramsey spaces.

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Tameness results for expansions of the real field by groups. Normal forms and unfoldings of singular strategy functions. Harmonic resonance dynamics of the periodically forced hopf oscillator. On smooth isolated curves in general complete intersection Calabi-Yau threefolds.

The effect of intermediate advection on two competing species. Archimedean derivatives and Rankin-Selberg integrals. Contributions to Persistence Theory. Multidimensional khintchine-marstrand-type problems. A Characterization of the 2-fusion system of L4 q. Comparing invariants of 3-manifolds derived from Hopf Algebras. Some topics concerning graphs, signed graphs and matroids. Perturbations of Selfadjoint Operators with Discrete Spectrum.

L-factors of Supercuspidal Representations of p-adic GSp 4. Equidistribution in Chaotic Dynamical Systems. Lipschitz Properties of Harmonic and Holomorphic Functions. Properties of Random Threshold and Difference Graphs. Polygonal Complexes with Octahedral Links. On the L2 Cohomology of complete Kahler convez manifolds.

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Entropy and excape of mass in noncompact homogeneous spaces. Hypergraphs with restricted valency and matching number. On the Kratky-Porod model for semi-flexible polymers in an external force field. Theory of Rickart Modules. Gradient Ideals. Normal Numbers with respect to Cantor Series Expansion. Geometry of General Curves via Degenerations and Deformations. Integer-valued Polynomials over Quaternion Rings. Periodic forcing of a System near a Hopf Bifurcation Point.

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Ergodic averages, correlation sequences, and sumsets. A doubly stochastic poisson process model for wake-sleep cycling. On the Edge Coloring of Graphs. Laser-driven charged particles as a dynamical system. Functoriality of Harmonic Foliations. Mass equidistribution of Hecke eigenforms on the Hilbert modular varieties. Singularities in the complex spatial plane of a vortex sheet with blob regularization. Time to coalescence for a class of nonuniform allocation processes. Graph Games. Enveloping semigroups of affine skew products and Sturmian-like systems.

Lambda designs for lambda less than Study of ionization of quantum systems with delta potentials in damped and undamped time periodic fields. Equidistribution of expanding measures with local maximal dimension and Diophantine approximation. Mechanisms of simple perceptual decision making processes. Minimal Heights in Number Fields. Symmetric homology is analog of cyclic homology in which cyclic.

The 3-Design Problem. Edge colorings of graphs and multigraphs. The Vertex Primitive and Vertex Bi-primitive s-arc regular graphs. The boundary behavior of cohomology classes and singularities of normal functions. Degree 2 curves in the Dwork pencil. On orbit equivalent permutation groups.

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Evolution of conditional dispersal; a reaction-diffusion-advection aproach. On Comparability of Random Permutations. On the likely number of stable marriages. Irregular behaviour in an excitatory - inhibitory neural network.

Some results on recurrence and entropy. Pricing in the Actuarial Market. On irreducible, infinite, non-affine coxeter groups. An infinite family of anticommutative algebras with a cubic form. Asymptotic expansion for the L'Norm of N-Fold convolutions. Linear stability of an interface between two incompressible fluids. Chern forms of positive vector bundles. An existence result from the theory of fluctuating hydrodynamics of polymers in dilute solution.

A generalization of jonsson modules over commutative rings with identity. Lifting from SL 2 to GSpin 1,4. Persistence of planar spiral waves under domain truncation near the core. On a class of algebraic surfaces with numerically effective cotangent bundles.

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On quadruply transitive groups. On the likely number of stable marriages. Enveloping semigroups of affine skew products and Sturmian-like systems. On the L2 Cohomology of complete Kahler convez manifolds. Edge colorings of graphs and multigraphs.

On zeros of cubic l-functions. Invariant representations of GSp 2. Nonlinear convective instability of fronts: A case study. On low-Lying zeros of automorphic L-Functions. Activity propagation in two-Dimensional neuronal networks.

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Bialgebra cyclic homology with coefficients. Boundary behavior of the bergman kernel on locally strongly pseudoconvex domains with respect to weighted lebesgue measure. Existence and stability of multi-pulses with applications to nonlinear optics.

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Graph minors and Hadwiger's conjecture. On the sources of simple modules in nilpotent blocks. Cyclic cohomological computations for the Connes-Moscovici-Kreimer Hopf algebras.

Risk analysis and hedging and incomplete markets. A sufficient condition for subellipticity of the d-bar-Neumann problem. Numerical methods for pricing basket options. Rigorous exponential asymptotics for a nonlinear third order difference equation. Symplectic convexity theorems and applications to the structure theory of semisimple Lie groups. Baer and quasi-Baer modules. A numerical approach for the interfacial motion between two immiscible incompressible fluids. Singularities in the spatial complex plane for vortex sheets and thin vortex layers.