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Descriptive essay: Easy and helpful writing tips

The notes can range from quotations, sentences, and paragraphs. Be sure to paraphrase information on your note cards so that you will not be accused of plagiarism. When you are done reading and investigating material for your descriptive research paper, write your rough draft. Print your rough draft on 8.

Double space the paper. Use point Times New Roman or Courier serif typeface. Figure labels need to use Arial, Helvetica, or any sans serif typeface.

Number each page, starting with the title page. Figures and artwork should not be numbered. Page numbers need to be located in the upper right corner of your descriptive research paper. The running header is at the top of every page. The running header should be 50 characters and in all capital letters. The running header should be located on the upper left corner of the title page. The title of your descriptive research paper should be ten to twelve words, short and to the point.

The title should be located on the top of the page, centered, and in sentence case. On a new line, put your first name, middle initial, and last name.

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If you have a suffix in your name like Jr. The next line should be the name of your college or university. Next part will be, comes the body of your college paper.

In this part you must express your writing skills and imagination in describing your topic impressively. Finally in conclusion you must analyze and summarize all that you have expressed in your writing. So these are some tips on writing a descriptive research paper. Recent Posts What is a Dissertation? The topic of my dissertation seemed easy but only at first glance - I couldn't sleep well any more. I was stressed and I felt broken.

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What is a Descriptive Essay?

Forgot password. Quantitative Social Research Methods. Los Angeles, CA: Sage, Before designing a quantitative research study, you must decide whether it will be descriptive or experimental because this will dictate how you gather, analyze, and interpret the results. A descriptive study is governed by the following rules: subjects are generally measured once; the intention is to only establish associations between variables; and, the study may include a sample population of hundreds or thousands of subjects to ensure that a valid estimate of a generalized relationship between variables has been obtained.

An experimental design includes subjects measured before and after a particular treatment, the sample population may be very small and purposefully chosen, and it is intended to establish causality between variables. Introduction The introduction to a quantitative study is usually written in the present tense and from the third person point of view. It covers the following information:. Methodology The methods section of a quantitative study should describe how each objective of your study will be achieved. Be sure to provide enough detail to enable the reader can make an informed assessment of the methods being used to obtain results associated with the research problem.

The methods section should be presented in the past tense. Results The finding of your study should be written objectively and in a succinct and precise format.

Importance of a Good Introduction

In quantitative studies, it is common to use graphs, tables, charts, and other non-textual elements to help the reader understand the data. Make sure that non-textual elements do not stand in isolation from the text but are being used to supplement the overall description of the results and to help clarify key points being made. Further information about how to effectively present data using charts and graphs can be found here. Discussion Discussions should be analytic, logical, and comprehensive.

The discussion should meld together your findings in relation to those identified in the literature review, and placed within the context of the theoretical framework underpinning the study.

Descriptive Research Paper Writing Help

The discussion should be presented in the present tense. Conclusion End your study by to summarizing the topic and provide a final comment and assessment of the study. Black, Thomas R. London: Sage, ; Gay,L. Educational Research: Competencies for Analysis and Applications. Bates College; Nenty, H. Basic Inquiry of Quantitative Research. Kennesaw State University.

Quantitative researchers try to recognize and isolate specific variables contained within the study framework, seek correlation, relationships and causality, and attempt to control the environment in which the data is collected to avoid the risk of variables, other than the one being studied, accounting for the relationships identified.

Among the specific strengths of using quantitative methods to study social science research problems:. Sharpe, ; Singh, Kultar. Quantitative methods presume to have an objective approach to studying research problems, where data is controlled and measured, to address the accumulation of facts, and to determine the causes of behavior.

Research Paper Outline

As a consequence, the results of quantitative research may be statistically significant but are often humanly insignificant. Some specific limitations associated with using quantitative methods to study research problems in the social sciences include:. SAGE publications is a major publisher of studies about how to design and conduct research in the social and behavioral sciences. The database also includes case studies outlining the research methods used in real research projects.

This is an excellent source for finding definitions of key terms and descriptions of research design and practice, techniques of data gathering, analysis, and reporting, and information about theories of research [e. The database covers both qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as mixed methods approaches to conducting research. Contact us. Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Quantitative Methods This guide provides advice on how to develop and organize a research paper in the social and behavioral sciences.

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