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Islamophobia represents a form of racism mixed with cultural intolerance

While the language and rhetoric of Islamophobia differed in each, we found much of it perceived Muslims, Islamic practices and sites, such as mosques or community centres, as inherently violent, threatening and incompatible with the view of a European way of life.

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For example, in France, wearing the headscarf and being visibly Muslim is viewed by some as being against French secular values and by extension contrary to being French. We found many examples of good practice when counteracting Islamophobia. For example, interfaith projects in Germany highlighted conviviality and cultural compatibility between Muslims and non-Muslims.

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Art was also used in a number of cases, including Belgium and the UK, to challenge Islamophobic ideas. The Tuffix comic strips by German artist Soufeina, and the British film, Freesia , highlight the contribution of Muslims in society, and the issues many Muslims face as a result of Islamophobia. Based on our analysis, our toolkit highlighted some specific strategies that work to counter Islamophobia.

Since a great deal of Islamophobia is based on the notion that Muslims threaten the European way of life, values and culture, one way to challenge these ideas is to highlight the many everyday roles Muslims occupy in society. And since we found that Islamophobic perceptions are often based on the idea that Islam and Muslims are sexist, projects that champion Muslim women, their work and their voices will go some way towards breaking down these preconceptions.

Muslim women are disproportionately affected by Islamophobia. They are not only seen as a threat to the West, but they are also paradoxically portrayed as victims of an alleged Islamic sexism.

How It Feels To Experience Islamophobia

These contorted ideas must be overturned with new narratives, led by Muslim women themselves, presented via art, media and popular culture, to portray the diversity of their lives. Islamophobia needs to be properly recorded to assess the scope and nature of the phenomenon, and the narratives and flawed logic used in Islamophobic attacks must be effectively deconstructed and challenged.

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Where misinformed narratives concerning Islam and Muslims circulate these must be broken down. A reconstruction of mainstream ideas surrounding Islam and Muslims is needed, one that is closer to the realities of the faith and its practice.

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How Islamophobia overlaps with racism

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Bullying researchers have found links between publicly permitted behaviour and personal expression. A survey of New Zealanders' attitudes towards religious groups, taken after the Christchurch mosque shootings, shows they trust Buddhists most and Evangelicals least. Faced with open and hidden prejudice, some British Muslims downplay their difference in public in order to succeed.

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The notion that Muslims in these countries are treated unfairly supports the idea that Muslims in general believe that unfair treatment of Muslims - a component of Islamophobia - does exist in Western societies. Submit it here. V Asal, Houda. About 6 in 10 say it would be very important to them if those in the West treated Muslims fairly in the policies that affect them, protect the rights of Muslim minorities in these societies, accurately portray Muslims in Western media, and work with Muslim societies as equal partners on issues of mutual interest. When asked where they think tensions between the Muslim and Western worlds originate, answers vary. Artwork is left among flowers and tributes near Al Noor mosque on March 18 in Christchurch.

Will Syrian religious extremists migrate to the West as refugees in need — and then do harm? A team of researchers surveyed Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey to find out the answer.

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The favourite to become the next prime minister has never felt the need to apologise for his offensive remarks about Muslim women. Snubbed for a recent state dinner with Donal Trump, the home secretary walks a difficult line in a party struggling with the question of islamophobia.