Role of electronic media in communication essay

Print Media Vs Electronic Media

Media is feeding people with a lot negative things like sensationalism, money and the truth of their own benefit. Mostly the media is totally bribed.

News channels just want to get the attention of people. They have no concern about what they are showing. There are many news they are not much important but media show it. News channels do not show the reality they often show the things in which they find their own interest. Media mostly tries to show things which are not true. Allah says in Quran "And do not conceal evidence; for whoever conceals it, his heart is tainted with sin.

And Allah knows all that you do.

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In order to ignore it media feel proud in showing it. There should be some check and balance. Fully independent main be not good.

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Print media can be in the form of newspaper, magazines, book or printed journals and pamphlets. Those chosen to represent the interests of others in the political system have historically used a variety of methods to obtain information about their constituents' preferences, including physically touring their districts periodically, reading letters from constituents, and polling their constituents about key issues. Popular Essays. November 25, at PM. The second has a knack for it.

Before showing any news media should check its reality and after verification show it. They mostly show false things even they know the truth. Informative channels are important part of electronic media. These channels give us the information about the new researches happening in the world.

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This is the plate form from where every person can get knowledge. Allah has created billions of creations and many beautiful areas in the world. There are many creations that are living inside the sea. In the past people are aware about only what they see by their own eyes or listen by other people.

But now we can see now the world and get information about everything. This is all about the electronic media. Documentaries give us knowledge about the things. Documentaries on history help us to know about history. Islam is our religion. There are some channels which are showing religious programs.

The Role of Media in the Society

In order to survive in this world study is important. Electronic media is helping people in their studying. Many students are unable to take the lecture in time. Reason may be that they are ill or have some urgent piece of work at home. So in the past these students were unable to compute with the class.

This was the great loss for students but now media can save them from this loss. There are lectures available in the form of videos.

Whenever students feel any difficulty about any topic he takes the lectures again and solve the problems. Besides this online lectures are available that help student in their studies.

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Check out our essay example on Role of Electronic Media of Communication to start writing!. By Ajay Prabhakar Dhawan. Assistant Professor. Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions. Media states various means of communication like.

Peoples can get any type of information relating to their education through media. Because they know that they will get the lectures. Entertainment is other part of electronic media. It helps in the mind building. It plays an important role in the thinking of the children. Entertainment includes television shows, dramas, movies, sports and many other things. Entertainment is important for life. Doing work day and night make the man patient. There should be some entertainment to keep our mind fresh.

Dramas are important for the moral mind building. There are many negative things in every society. We are unable to correct it and mostly we are unable to find the negative effect. Electronic media is trying to highlight the negative aspects through dramas and movies. Almost every person watches dramas and movies. By these dramas and movies we come to know about our weakness and positive aspects. Children mostly watch television. There are many programs that build a good thinking ability in the child.

Children are very sensitive they can pick the things very quickly. Now a days media is playing it is in this field. Promoting culture is the main theme of entertainment. Through entertainment media is promoting our cultures through all over the world. Through our dramas and movies media people from all over the world come to know about our cultures and traditions. Restriction is necessary for every field.

So entertainment on electronic media should be restricted.

Media is now a days spreading vulgarity. Electronic media is showing that is not in our society. And many times they show totally opposite to our religious parameters. This is also forbidden in Islam.

The New Media’s Role in Politics

Those who love to see scandal published broadcast among the Believers, will have a grievous Penalty in this life and in the Hereafter: Allah knows, and ye know not. Al-Noor: Beside this Media is showing the culture of other countries. As the media of a Muslim country, our media should follow the rules present in Islam. And media should be bound to promote our own cultures instead of others. Immoral dramas and movies should not be produced. Many people especially women waste their time in watching television.

Is Electronic Media Beneficial in Children’s Education? Essay

Electronic media is playing its role in sports. Electronic media is broadcasting different sports from all over the world. People can watch different sports of their taste through electronic media. People can watch different games in their homes rather than going to the stadium. It can save their time and save them from traveling problems. Many addicted fans of sports waste all time in front of television and watches sports. Social networking media is a type of electronic media. Social media enables people to communicate with their other fellows. In the past people only knew about the people living around them.

Those chosen to represent the interests of others in the political system have historically used a variety of methods to obtain information about their constituents' preferences, including physically touring their districts periodically, reading letters from constituents, and polling their constituents about key issues.

All these methods can be time consuming and costly to employ, limiting the frequency with which they can be used and by extension the quality of information which can be regularly obtained. However, the changing nature of communication ushered in by the dawning of the age of electronic communications, and the concomitant decline in the costs of communication on a global scale has profound implications for political interaction among representatives and their constituents, and for economic and political development throughout the world.

This paper focuses explicitly on the impact these changes may have on political communication and potentially on the formation and maintenance of democratic political regimes in Africa. The Role of Information in Promoting Democratization "Now as in the past it is difficult to separate the quality and cast of political life from the methods of communication that sustain it. But behind the changes wrought by technology, organization, and the scale of politics, there is also a certain sameness. Linked to the communication structures which characterize a society, and in fact inseparable from them, are numerous face-to-face relationships.

Much of the political business of the world is still done in such situations, and it would indeed provide a mistaken view of the communication process to concentrate on machines and organizations to the exclusion of the face-to-face groupings which are a prominent feature of all political systems" [ 3 ]. Writing over thirty years ago, Richard Fagen cautioned against reading too much into the impact of technological developments such as radio and television on political communication and ultimately on the conduct of politics. He argued that while technology does matter in the functioning of a political system, that there are more elemental relationships of power in political communication that are unaffected or barely affected by the development of enhanced methods of communication such as television and radio because those relationships are the one-to-one interactions that remain a critical part of the political process.

In other words, the political elite will always be small enough to remain relatively unaffected by changes in communications. This paper argues that while it is certainly true that the actual decision-making in a political system even a democratic one may remain concentrated at the level of a few individuals, the complexity of information which those individuals use to engage in decision-making processes especially constituency feedback is equally important and is subject to influence by the changing nature of communications.