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Essay: Communism and Socialism – A Struggle of Ideals

If they are permitted to continue to exist, they pose a grievous threat to the new regime. Through them a counterrevolution may be organized which will threaten to overthrow the dictatorship of the proletariat.

These residual institutions of the capitalist state must be destroyed. Lenin was as concerned with the maintenance of power as with its seizure. He wrote the book The State and the Revolution to show how it was necessary to destroy residual state institutions in order to maintain Communist power. Above all, the army must be destroyed and replaced by a new army, a "Red Army. The Communists are followers of Karl Marx. They believe that the economic environment generates ideas and character. Their ultimate objective is to create the perfect character through the perfecting environment.

When the revolution is successful, the majority of the bourgeois class remains. In the words of Karl Marx, they must be "swept out of the way and made impossible. The liquidation of the bourgeoisie is an essential step of the path to Communism. This is why Communism must kill.

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The leaders of the Cambodian Communist Party were convinced Marxists. The majority of them were converted to Marxism and Communism while they were students in France. They set out to be the best Communists the world had ever seen. They conducted the programs demanded by their Marxist doctrines with an amazing consistency and ruthlessness.

These doctrines taught them that the environment generates character; that the capitalist environment generated an evil character; that the cities are the headquarters of capitalism; that the bourgeoisie must be liquidated and the residual people removed from the capitalist environment of the cities; that physical labor is regenerative. Translating these doctrines into deeds, they ordered the evacuation of the cities of Cambodia. Everyone had to go.

The Difference Between Socialism, Communism, and Marxism Explained by a Marxist

No one was exempt for humanitarian reasons. The people were animals and could be treated like animals. Three million people who were crowded into Phnom Penh, were ordered to leave the city in one day. Everyone had to leave just as they were. Children in schools were not permitted to go home and join their parents but were driven out of the city like cattle.

Hospitals were emptied of doctors, nurses, and patients. The population of Cambodia was about 7 million. It is estimated that between two and three million died. The remainder were forced to engage in the physical labor necessary to grow rice. The number of dead did not trouble the Communist leaders, and Ieng Sary, their foreign minister, said: "As long as we have one million left, that will be enough to make the new man.

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Aug 3, Three different types of economic systems used by governments are Communism, Capitalism, and Socialism. The government in capitalism doesn’t interfere with any businesses and lets the citizens own and operate them. Communism is an economic system developed by Karl Marx. Free Essays from Bartleby | Marx understanding of society shift into Discuss the seeming failure of communism and other forms of socialism and the apparent.

Pol Pot and his associates have earned the right to be called the most consistent Marxists the world has ever seen. In the Communist Program for human regeneration, killing is as necessary as the fire of the furnace is for the creation of steel.

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This program of slaughter is rational if the basic premises of Marxism are accepted. If there is no God who teaches, "Thou shalt not kill," and if people are merely animals, why should they not be treated as animals? Husbandmen who breed finer animals and destroy the inferior ones in the process are respected and honored throughout the world. The Communists believe that they are the husbandmen who have been selected by history to enact the programs that will result in the creation of perfect human animals.

To hesitate to eliminate the diseased would be to betray their mission. A successful revolution, the establishment of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, the Destruction of the Capitalist State and the Liquidation of the Bourgeoisie do not lead directly to Communism. There is an additional stage through which society must pass before Communism emerges. This state is known as Socialism. The Communists often refer to their own special brand of socialism as "the first stage of Communism.


The slogan of Communism is: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need," whereas that of Socialism is: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his work. Few, if any, of the alleged blessings Communism promises are proffered by Socialism. Instead of abundance, there is scarcity; instead of freedom, there is universal coercion exercised by the Communist dictatorship; instead of being able to take whatever is needed, the individual receives a ration of scarce commodities in accordance with his productivity in society.

Instead of no government, there is an enormous oppressive state apparatus. Socialism reaches its zenith in the society of the Gulag Archipelago, where each individual and group is given an amount to work to be done. The work is measured by the goods produced. So mush timber must be felled, so much coal or gold must be mined. The daily allotment of production is known as the norm.

Those who do not produce their norm are penalized by a reduction in the daily allowance of food. This is equivalent to a death sentence. As the source of nourishment is lessened, the strength of the prisoner diminishes and his output becomes less also. This leads to a further cut in the food ration.

A vicious circle is established which leads downward to death. No Communist claims that Communism exists anywhere in this present world. Soviet leaders claim that Socialism has been built in the Soviet Union and that they are now advancing towards the building of Communism. We have the history of nearly 70 years since the Communist conquest of Russia to guide us. What is the result? Can we discern encouraging signs of the creation of the new socialist man, the withering away of the state, and the emergence of the blissful state of Communism?

All evidence indicates that the "new socialist man" is a cynical, apathetic, selfish individual.

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Alcoholism and crime and flourishing. Whenever and wherever the opportunity exists, the "new socialist man" flees from the "regenerative" environment of Socialism into the "degenerative" hell which capitalism is alleged to create. The hideous price of mass murder and coerced labor, which the Communists have forced the people to pay, has purchased nothing by regimentation, militarization, and privation. The state shows no signs of withering away.

The monopolistic power of the Communist Party remains undiminished.

New Democracy And Manifesto Of Korean Communist Party

The bureaucracy becomes more and more entrenched as it cherishes its special privileges. Human rights are occasionally affirmed in theory, but are ignored in practice. The vision of ultimately reaching Communism has faded as scarcity, inequality, and authority become increasingly institutionalized. The special privileges of the elite few, the leaders of the Communist Party, increase.

Maybe some of them have found their utopia-but the people have found themselves in a prison of body and spirit. Communism is the literal fulfillment of Psalm "The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. The delusional doctrines of Karl Marx bear the same relationship to mass murder that the malarial parasite does to the disease of malaria. We must expose the errors of the basic doctrines of Marx if we wish to prevent the actions that result form the application of those doctrines. The repudiation of communist conduct is not enough. Communist defeats will be temporary if the errors of Marxist doctrine are not exposed.

What communism may look like

A new generation will be seduced by the doctrines, and communist killing will recommence. Some of the statements of Marx are true. This is not surprising.

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Every false philosophy and system contains elements of truth. A mixture of truth and falsehood is usually far more deadly than pure falsehood which can be discerned and isolated one and for all. A communist is a socialist, but a socialist is not necessarily a communist.