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Discuss social and cultural contributions to personality development.

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Describe the major dispositional theories of personality. Describe the major process theories of personality.

Evaluate the major personality theories. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of commonly used personality assessment techniques, validity, reliability. Essay on Personality Development Words 8 Pages. Many wonder especially teachers; why certain children have outbursts and are temperamental compared to calmer and collective children, and if you were to ask Erickson he would …show more content…. In other words, you must pass through one stage before you can get to the next.

Think about how you learned to run; we needed to learn how to crawl, then we learned how to walk, and finally you could develop the skills needed to run. Without the first two stages, running would be impossible. Most of these stage theories are progressive, although in some, such as Erikson's psychosocial and Freud's psychosexual; a person can fail to complete the stage while still moving forward.

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After reading this essay you will learn about Personality Development: 1. Definition of Personality Development 2. Characteristics of Personality Development 3. Free Essays from Bartleby | which one not only learns how to develop his traits but also know how one can achieve success in life by building his personality.

This failure, however, will result in difficulties later in life according to the theories. Thereby an individual's personality is complex, comprised of different mental characteristics that make them unique from other people. It incorporates all of the patterns of thought and emotions that causes a reaction to particular actions. At a basic level, personality is expressed through our temperament or emotional tone. Nevertheless, personality also colors our values, beliefs, and expectations.

Therefore a very common meaning of the term personality is the role which the person actor displays to the public. Personality is a very frequently used word but still there is no consensus about its meaning.

Personality Development

There is a great deal of controversy about the meaning of the word personality. According to Floyd L. In Psychology, personality is interpreted in different ways by different theorists. For example Carl Rogers views personality in terms of self, an organised, permanent, subjectively perceived entity which is at the heart of all our experiences.

Freud describes the structure of personality as composed of three elements the id, ego and super ego. In addition the social learning aspects of personality are also emphasized by some theorists. Taking all the aspects together, personality represents the sum total of several attributes which manifest themselves in an individual, the ability of the individual to organize and integrate all the qualities so as to give meaning to life, and the uniqueness of the situation which influences behaviour of an individual.

Bonner provides six propositions to classify the nature of personality within the context of change and development:. Now that we have understood the meaning of personality, the next question is what determinants go into the development of personality? Was the individual born with that personality or was it developed afterwards as a result of his interaction with his environment? The concept that heredity is a determinant of personality is embedded in our minds.

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However, the importance of heredity varies from one personality trait to another. According to S. The first looks at the genetic underpinnings of human behaviour and temperament among young children. The second addresses the study of twins who were separated at birth and the third examines the consistency in job satisfaction over time and across situations. If all personality traits are determined by heredity, they would be fixed at birth and would not be changed throughout the life.

But this is not so. So dire was the situation in the earlier centuries that depiction of children in art was next to impossible.

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Aries asserts that society in the Medieval and earlier centuries regarded childhood…. Where a child is raised is going to affect the development more than just genetics. Nurture affects personality, behavior, and reaction to the environment. Personality is the basis of who a person is and will become.

Children as they grow and develop learn more about what they like or do not like. Experiences and relationships with peers and family shape beliefs and values. At younger ages children are more impressionable and watch others…. It is accountable for the development of an introverted or extroverted type of personality because if a person is unconsciously aware of their actions then it's possible they do not have a lot of control over certain behaviors such as greed or pride.

Also when someone becomes fixated on any of the psychosexual stages then it can alter behaviors and will affect personality as the child develops.

So for example if a person has a very weak ego and a more dominant superego…. The study reported on in the article was conducted to expand on the theory that there are distinct differences between the personalities of firstborn and later-born children; this was accomplished by examining the differences between siblings of the same family.

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The study also looked at the effects participants ages…. This controversy is commonly referred to as the nature verses nurture conflict or as I like to refer to it as genetics or environment. Some people like my ex-husband believe that it is strictly genes that affect our ways of life, others like me believe that environmental factors affect us, and some people like my husband believe that both factors influence who we are. No matter which way you believe, scientists…. Based on the in-depth evaluation of the information presented, I was able to come to the conclusion that coupled with other known factors, psychological positioning, versus chronological birth order have demonstrated notable characteristics….

The main purpose of this text is to provide a reaction to the article The Nurture Assumption Why Children Turn out the Way They Do authored by Judith Rich Harris by using four of the eight essential guidelines to critical thinking.