Short essay on advantages and disadvantages of watching tv

Advantages and disadvantges of watching TV on children.

The purpose of the article is to make the audience know the effects of watching these reality television shows on the teens and all the people watching these reality television shows. The author is addressing the teens and the children because they are the most sectors of people in the society who are watching these reality television shows so the author is trying to make them know that there are a lot of effects of watching reality shows. Slocum, Charles. In this article the author says when and where and how the first reality television started and who were the people watching it mainly the author in this article is giving a historical background for the reality television as the people who are interested in the issue of reality television, the author is providing them with information to know more about this issue.

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The author said that when reality television first started it was captured with cameras and it started first people loved it very much and they were enjoying watching these reality television shows and that there were a lot of people who were loving to watch these shows. After that, these shoes were developed until they are seen as today in the television and there are a lot of people who are really very interested in these shows nowadays.

The author in this article is delivering the message to all the person the author is trying to make the people who are reading this article get informational background. In this article the author purpose is to make people know more information about this issue.

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Television advantages and disadvantages – Short Essay of routines or postponing schedules if they become addict to watching television. Nowadays many people all over the world spent most of their free time watching television; but since the beginning, television has brought to man many.

The article is talking about introduction to reality television and some of the historical back ground about the reality television. The article is talking about what is reality television and why it started and why is people interested in it. What really makes people very interested and entertained when watching these reality television shows may be they are having fun when they are seeing people in their daily life and how they face challenges and live in their own life and can begin a new life and make challenges and be very successful.

This maybe giving them experience in their lives. In the article the purpose is to make the audience just think whether the reality television is good and worth watching or not. Also, to know these shows what is the benefit from watching them and spending a lot of time in front of the television just watching people leading day by day in their life? The author is addressing the message to all the people.

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In this article the author tries to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of the reality television as to make the audience know what are the pros and cons of reality television. He delivers the message to especially the teens who are addicted to watching these reality shows. Others think that it is just very bad shows as they make people humiliated and feeling bad and they think that this makes also people watching make bad habits like wishing bad luck to some people. People learn new ways of solving problems. With easy DIY tips people can create many things from recyclable material that they otherwise would have thrown away, saving them a lot of money in the process.

It can also motivate them to pursue their dreams through motivational videos and inspiration speeches from successful individuals in various fields. Television is also used by religious groups to spread spiritual messages and assist those who are in need of spiritual nourishment.

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Working hand in hand with these religious shows are programs designed by rehabilitation organizations and agencies to help people recover from various addictions. There are also financial programs to help people manage their finances well, come out of debt and to invest wisely.

Essay On Television Advantages And Disadvantages | English Summary

Lastly, television has some health benefits. We all know the benefits of laughter towards the overall health of our bodies. So, by watching comedy or hilarious programs that keep us laughing and happy, we increase our chances of becoming healthy. It relieves us of stress that leads to depression, which is a causative agent of many diseases.

Is Television Good or Bad for People?

Comments for Television and Children Essays Click here to add your own comments. Assignment Writing Services. Thesis Dissertation. The television shows, music, video-songs, live matches, etc. Educational channels are also available in Television. Late sleeping bad effect of human health. Coursework Examples.

Laughter is the best medicine and the television sure has lots of them. On the flipside, television has its own setbacks. The first disadvantage is that there is too much vulgarity and illicit content on television. There is too much sex, nudity, violence, foul language and grotesque imagery that may have dire consequences on young children. Aggressive and violent behavior among children, young adults and adults can be traced back to too much television in childhood.

There are many instances of kids or teenagers using foul language, engaging in sexual intercourses or participating in violent showdowns to copy what they see in movies, music videos and wrestling matches. Too much TV is linked to serious health hazards. Sitting on the couch watching television all day does little to burn excess calorie intake in the body. As a result, many chronic viewers become obese. Obesity is related to many diseases including diabetes and heart related diseases. It also interferes with the sleep cycle of viewers.

Sometimes they watch television late into the night, enjoying only few hours of productive sleep, before going on another binge of television watching. Poor sleeping practices are linked to sleep difficulties, depression, fatigues, headaches and other illnesses. It also affects social interactions. People who watch too much TV are socially inept. They are withdrawn in social settings, lack the confidence to speak up and cannot hold or start a conversation with strangers.

Nothing interests them much like the television. If the situation is not corrected early, they may not be able to enjoy fulfilling relationships in adulthood. Furthermore, excess television is a waste of time.

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People spend a lot of time living in a fantasy world of actors, instead of following their dreams. They do not live a life of adventure and experimentation to discover their hobbies and learn new things. While social surrogacy may distract people from feeling lonely, the problem is that viewers become too attached to characters on TV. When a popular character dies or something bad happens to them, the people attached to them are affected in the same way, as say when a family member or a friend succumbs to some misfortune. Furthermore, television is very influential.

It can be used to manipulate viewers in whichever way it sees fit. Although modern technology is safe, the rumor is still alive, probably because parents need a scary, persuasive reason to get their kids to go outside to play! A: There is evidence to support this hypothesis. Studies have found that for some older kids, TV can discourage and replace reading.

Children from households where the TV is on a lot are less likely to be read to, spend less time reading themselves, and are less likely to be able to read. A: Too much. According to the Nielsen report, the average American over the age of 2 watch more than 34 hours a week. According to a survey conducted by Nickelodeon , children under the age of 9 watch 35 hours of television per week. The average month-old gets between 1 and 2 hours of screen time per day.

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A: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids under 2 years not watch any none! There are relatively few serious studies about the effect of television on the gray matter, but there have been a few, including these:. We can all agree that some television shows are better than others.

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But which shows offer the most educational value? Nova, Planet Earth, and other science and nature documentaries are also intellectually-rich programs. But aside from the obvious choices, there are many shows on which are not only intentionally but incidentally educational, especially for certain individuals.

Everyone can probably chime in with their own list of the top ten shows that make us smarter , and everyone's list would be different, so it's safe to say that the educational benefit varies from viewer to viewer or education is in the eye of the beholder. Even shows intended as pure entertainment might teach certain viewers something worthwhile. While you're watching television with your kid, ask yourself and your child, if she or he is old enough these questions:.

Simply asking these questions will render any show more educational, but if your child is too young to understand, you will have to make the decision about whether or not this show is good for your kid. Little kids aren't ready to think critically, but the older you get, the more capable you are of thinking, judging, and evaluating for yourself. Adults young and old can develop their ability to think outside the idiot box: Media literacy is the ability to analyze and evaluate media, including but not limited to television programs and advertisements.

In conclusion, there are both advantages and disadvantages of watching television, although children are more negatively affected than adults. What do you think? What's your favorite show? If you have something to add, please comment in the section below! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. At first, I intended to find information for my assay. But your article has helped me realize the situation of my child. Thank you for your useful article. Excellent information. Tnere is a need of reforms in Television Media.

A good work done by author. Sorry but without television I cannot check out all the male celebrities that I might marry in the future. No way anyone's gonna stop me from watching T. Plus there are gonna show an awesome new romantic movie that I cannot wait to watch.

Zillions of Thanks this information really helps in my debate but of course I only took the good part B. This is gud even though i like wathing tv i will make sure mi kidz will be watching tv twice per week from Hello to everyone at reel rundown!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Television

I enjoyed this page about t. Rock on. Thank you I am very thankful to you. Please give me more about the disadvantages of television T. I want it on 1 Feb Sorry, I am demanding but please help me.


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