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An ageing population problem

Abstract I research three topics in adult morbidity in the United States, focusing on two increasingly prevalent chronic diseases, diabetes and dementia. Files over 3MB may be slow to open. For best results, right-click and select "save as Search Enter search terms:. This means that people are more possible to live longer than they would have done in the past. The United Nations found that the ranks of 60 year olds and older are growing 1.

They predicted that by the year , there may be four people age worldwide. Currently the ratio in year is nine to one. These indicate that the elderly will outnumber the children BusinessWeek Also, knowledge about good produces people healthier.

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No more than twenty to thirty years ago, the most valuable thing was just to eat. They did not care about food.

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But now, a majority of people desire healthy food. As a result, knowledge about food and health make people live longer.

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From a statistical point of view, they got higher talks, as Montana, Wyoming, Alaska and Dakota are very representative of the final statistics. Strong Essays words 3. Related Middle Class Capitalism is failing. I find that the share of male earnings received by year-olds increased from 7. These workforce believe that they have the comparative advantage with Mandarin language skills and Asian cultural understanding to command top salaries. The aging population has changed drastically over the course of past generations. The Theory Of Positive Aging - The theory of gerotranscendence is a developmental theory of positive aging that was first proposed by Lars Tornstam in

This essay will discuss about how can the government solve these problems, and what problems might governments face with an ageing population. The ageing of population occurs because the numbers of birth rates have refused, or are declining in almost everywhere and also because older generation people are surviving to enjoy longer lives.

So, most people are more educated about the foods they eat and about health in common. So, physical fitness has developed into big business all over the world. In the morning, many people exercise. For example, jogging, dancing and so on. Some people go to the fitness, health and Yoga club to control their health. A period exercise can avoid light or dangerous diseases. In richer countries, their birth and death rates started to decline in the 19th century or past.

It leads to effects and problems which will show in below. There is main effect of population ageing. The main effect is slower economic growth. When a large part of the population starts to move from pre-retirement to the post-retirement age group, the effect is that it slowed down the growth of the working age population. This means that there will be lower growth in per capita incomes and lower growth in the total economy.

It is believed that the results of working will be lower than before when young generation are working. The following equation, provide by Gemma, T, shows in the simplest terms the relationship that must hold between the numbers of pensioners and workers and their incomes:. L is the number of workers and R is the number of retired people.

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In , there were approximately 4 working age individuals aged for every 1 person aged 65 and over. By this ratio is predicted to fall to about People will have to retire later.

This increases the number of workers and decreases the number of retired people Gemma, T, As can be seen in this article, if the age of retirement is upping, the numbers of workers are increasing and numbers of retired people are decreasing. Another solution is that employ people who foreign workers. It may discourage people from living in a certain country. Because income tax is relatively low in the UK, a higher rate may not reduce incentives that much; however, there is a high opportunity cost of taxing for pensions.

Pension spending does not increase productivity in the economy. This means pensions are targeted just to those on low incomes, and those who do not have a private pension.

The growing and ageing population: Implications and solutions

This helps to reduce inequality and reduce the total cost of pensions. However, it creates a very big incentive for people not to save and avoid getting a private pension. This is because if you did save, you would receive little from the government.

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Therefore, in the long run, it may make the situation worse Option FOUR - Encourage private pensions Governments could make it obligatory for firms to provide a private pension. Alternatively, they could give more generous tax breaks for private pensions.

Aging Population

This is good for reducing the government's pension burden. The concern is that some people may not have sufficient private pension provision when they retire. Therefore, there is still a need for government provided means-tested pensions. Option FIVE - Encourage immigration Immigration of young workers helps to reduce the dependency ratio and leads to higher tax revenues as young immigrant workers pay income tax and VAT without being eligible for state pensions.

However, net migration can be politically unpopular as it places stress on stock of housing and other social issues.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | “To a large extent, current research and The impacts of an aging population on a country An aging population is where the. Free Essay: Introduction Increase in the ageing population has been accompanied many health care challenges and policy makers have been prompted to do.